Top Websites to earn money online

Freelancing and blogging are best and easiest ways to earn money online. With freelancing you can make upto 1000$ per month by spending some time on popular freelance websites. Blogging is also an easiest and interesting way to earn money online. What you need is persistence in your efforts and you will definitely make some huge amount using these two techniques.

Here I am listing and giving an overview of popular platform for newbies to start their online earning journey.

Popular Freelancing Websites


Fiverr is one of the leading and largest freelancing platform. Fiverr has an easy interface to get started. Fiverr offers many freelance services to their clients therefore as a freelancer you should know what core services you can offer and the skills you are good at. As comparison with other freelancing platforms fiverr is the easiest place to get started and earn money online.



To get started with upwork is little bit difficult as compare to fiverr because upwork has strict process to approve an account. You have to pass at least one test to be eligible for bidding. Once the account has approved the interface is very user friendly. You can browse jobs and directly send proposals to the clients as per the requirements of the job.


Freelancer has also an easy way to get started as they don’t have strict rules for bidding at start. You have to complete your profile upto 70% and after that you will be eligible for bidding though Freelancer has paid test and these skills test will definitely make an impact to uplift your profile.


Toptal has a little bit difficult and professional way of signup process. To work on this platform you need to first qualify for an interview conducted by toptal representative via skype. After checking your professional and communication skills toptal will approve your account and you can work with top professionals in the online community.

People per hour

People per hour is another great platform for newbies. The platform made its good reputation in the online community. The platform provide good opportunities for web developers and designers.


Guru is another freelancing market place where you can easily find clients as per your skills and services. It is suitable for those who has basics skills and want to do tasks related to their skills to improve themselves.

99 Design

As the name suggest it’s a designer friendly site for freelancer. If you are a graphic designer and want to earn money online then this platform will be the best place to sell your skills to clients all over the world.

Popular Blogging Platforms


WordPress is the most engaging and widely used online platform for bloggers. If you are going to start your blogging journey to earn money online then  wordpress will be the best and easiest platform to get started.

WordPress has a verity of plains for blogger from free to premium stages. If you are a newbie then you must start with a free theme installation on any hosting and domain. There are millions of themes out there which will help you to start your blogging journey quickly.

Blogger is another platform to start your blogging journey. Its a platform by google that will be an advantage for the platform for better rank in the google search engine. Its the largest blogging platform after wordpress and the platform also provide free themes to get started with minimal cost.

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