Top 7 AI company in islamabad

Top 7 Artificial intelligence company in Islamabad:

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and now a days demanding of technology and AI based application is increasing. Data science in Pakistan , AI in Pakistan , Machine learning in Pakistan   , deep learning and computer vision in Pakistan numbers of companies abruptly increase.  Due to cov19 mostly people and other companies adopting automation and artificial intelligence based application. These AI base company in Pakistan not only supply their product just in Pakistan but also in the world.

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In this article we try to find top 7 Artificial intelligence company in Islamabad Pakistan

1.CodeJunkie :

This company is located in Islamabad having consist of employs 10-49 . They are using 50%  artificial intelligence and other 50% is  web development as well as android development. This company is found in 2015 , they are working on virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) . They have valuable and technical people to handle we development , AI and android development challenges with in time.

2.RevolveAI :

Revolve AI  is also located in Islamabad and 70% based on Artificial intelligence and machine learning  to provide problem solution . This team consist of highly qualified phd researcher  to handle any kinds of world challenges. This company also consist of 10-49 employs to boost this company and it is found in 2020.

3. Red Buffer :

This  company also provide 30% AI and machine learning  based solution in  pakistan and all over the world. This company is  found in 2013 and number of employ is 50-249 person. Their services  are artificial intelligence, web development, anroid development, application and management system.  They are working from previous 8+ years .

4. OnDemandStartups:

This company also provide 10% AI and machine learning based solution  .This company is located in Rawalpindi. It is found in 2017 and the number of employs is 10-49. It is very well balanced company.

5. CodesOrbit:

CodesOrbit is  using 10% AI and machine learning  based solution . It is found in 2016 and located in Islamabad. This company working on 80% on we development and 10% on android development. Their main client are small business and medical  side.

6. Ideofuzion Pvt Ltd:

This company found  in 2013 and located in Islamabad . This company  is working on block chain and AI based project. Their services are distributed as 50% block chain, 20% android development and 15% artificial intelligence . The number of employs are between 10-49.

7. Sky Tether:

This company is located in Islamabad providing 40% web development services , 30% mobile application  and 20% artificial intelligence services. This company found in 2016 and providing good quality services.

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