Tips for starting  E-Commerce Business

The trends of E-Commerce business store is expending tremendously in the whole world . Most of the folks of this generation is prefer to buy daily life product  from  e-commerce store instead to go any shops physically. In this era the physical shops are going to be varnished and taking place e-commerce store. There are million  of E-commerce store and number are increasing rapidly. To build a successful  E-commerce  store you should  keep in your mind the following key points.

  • Key Strengths of Market Place

If you are willing to  nominate market place to promote your product ,you should choose desired market place like amazon, Flipkart, ebay etc. For every different product have different  recommended market place. Like for handicraft products the Craftsvilla is suitable, for electronic component, amazon Homeshop and naaptol  marketplace are suitable. If you have a product and you want to sell it through any market place, then you have need to choose a market place which having high reach, good will, ease transaction process, ease of use and  customer base. So you should to analyse the marketplace and select  a market place which is suitable for your product to sell.

  • Look For The Level and Quality of your Competitor

It is a real fact that in every business there is a competition and it is a big challenged for  every businessmen to compete it. So to overcome  these challenges you should  to analyse the strength, Quality, and level of  your Competitor. You should to check  their product price, product range, their policies, shipment and the discount on products. Before entering in any market place, it is important step to survey and find their weakness’ point.

  • Presentation and Catalogue Catches The Eyeball Attention

Presentation and Catalogue play an important role when you are selling your product on E commerce store. As on your store many customer visit but they can’t touch or asked about the product specification. If your presentation is good, it mean their will be maximum chance to win the customer attention and then they goes into the detail description. Here it is necessary to keep Catalogue excellence, colorful design and powerful visual photography. Like Ebay it gives  good customize able product option.

  • Merchant Support Service

In every market  place there are some  expert player, some niche player and some small player .So it is much important to know that  the selling platforms  giving you merchant service or not. The merchant who are selling your product can understand your product or not.  They  display  product properly or not  and in which manner the merchant interact with your customer etc. Before joining any market place  you should to study about it.

  • Fee and Margins

It is important  things before deciding your channel  that how much your product selling market place will charged  fee and how much you will get margin from this product.

  • Shipping, Charges and Mechanism

Every market place have their own shipping style. You can check  the style of shipping method of the platform from which your product is to be sell. Some market place have option to  shipped  products on your behalf and take charges or it can may be done by you. It’s up to you what you want.

  • System Access and Control

Before choosing network you should to analyse system access and control. Some market places  does not provide proper access and control  to their system. Different  market place give maximum and minimum number listing control. Some of the platform  restricted to sell in specific region. They does not give customer access data. In this case which one market place is suitable for you. You choose best one.

  • Payment Mechanism

In business payment mechanism is much important and keep in consideration that when ever your product is sell and payment does not get on time then you have no working capital to buy more product.  In case of withholding of payment amazon take 14 -90 days to return payment a small shopkeeper,  shopclue takes 30-90 days to return payment.

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