The Way to Use CopyScape 

CopyScape  is an internet service which will permit you to find who’s copying your site post and utilizing RSS feed to make a car RSS blog. Although Google takes backup content spam seriously although occasionally because of replicate content and search engine algorithm, Google can treat replicated content as first, and you may get rid of search engine rank because of replicated content.

Although we understand how to fight blog plagiarism before that it is important that you know which site is copying your content and that is where Copyscape enters the picture.

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It provides a totally free and premium edition.

To begin with you can test their free version and when required, you could always attempt the premium edition of Copyscape.

Proceed to the Copyscape homepage and then form your site address and hit the GO button.

On another page, you will notice the result in the webpage that has duplicated posts from the site.

Now attempt to find hosting along with other specifics and refer to the article to record such sites that are copying content from the own blog.In the time of writing, I may not go to the premium edition of Copyscape but at the long run, I shall definitely try its premium variation.

As soon as you’ve found out that websites/blogs are copying content in your website, another task would be to report it to Webhosting, blogging businesses like (Moderate, WordPress, Blogger) & get it removed from Google search.Typically, I do not pay much attention to anything else aside from getting it removed from the search engine.


Copyscape options:

A whole lot of new Copyscape choices has come up recently time. The most popular one is Grammarly that’s accessible as net app, downloadable program, and as a chrome program.

Do let us know if you’re using Copyscape or some other alternate tool to Copyscape to discover people copying your site content?.

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