Powering Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence in the new era

Powering Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence in the  new era

Powering Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence in the new era  is very important in the business perspective as well as  production  center.  The technologies are going even faster than in the material world. It has been seen most of the customers and territories are going very fast to the very last mile without doing all the steps. Schneider Electric is powering the digital economy with artificial, which  is a growing part of the technology. They have deployed to automation and electrification since decades since more than 50 years but in the last three decades, the acceleration of this company technology and the deployment of technology has been all around digital. The digitalization approach has come from a technology that is automation and electrification and the more they have grown in these technologies.

They discovered the potential of digital for customers by bringing the applications based on IOT information both in the electrification world and in the automation world on the shop floors and on any kind of infrastructure. The strategy adopted by this company is the use of data as a more powerful tool to achieve the objectives of any kind of infrastructure any kind of industry even if we have this objective today we are still just at the beginning of the journey in all industries.

The rise of the digital economy is here, powered by data-driven business insights from AI. Only 23 percent of the organizations consider that they are working collaboratively to prepare the future with interactive unexplainable AI-based systems and 79 percent of executives believe that their industry is moving towards offering more variety of connected products and services. Only 10 percent of the available data is effectively used today to enhance the mission of each of these companies.

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Schneider Electric Powering Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence

Schneider Electric is using IoT based system which helps to understand what happens in the reality on top of these technologies you would have, what we call loops that are enabling to control the infrastructure and to operate safely and on the top you would have purely software AI-enabled applications, which would be extracting the data from all the layers and providing analytics on top of it from the deployment of this comprehensive platform what we gather is on the energy efficiency of these infrastructures an average saving of 30 percent some cases go up to 85 just because intelligence allows to control better the energy on productivity, we go up to 75 savings of maintenance cost. When and how maintenance is well defined and optimized by predictive maintenance and analytics that would define when the maintenance needs to occur on the CAPEX phase, we also have Optimizations. The reduction which is linked to the better analysis of what are the needs of the customers in the design and the implementation of their infrastructure the most impressive one and probably the best business case for most of the customers is reliability. When you pile up all the benefits that AI is enabling you end up most of the time by reducing by half the downtime of your infrastructure and of course the downtime is super costly. This is exactly the time when everything that you have invested in does not produce so that one is probably the most visible immediately visible by most of our customers.

Real-time manufacturing company using Artificial Intelligence in korea

Manufacturers in Korea asked us to help them to enhance the real-time manufacturing of the data produced by packaging machines which boost up Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence, that they are producing and to enhance the way these machines can be monitored controlled and better maintained. We have applied with them an application, AI enables application called ecostructure augmented operator advisor which is providing to the operator a gathering of analytics based on anything that can be collected on the machine enhanced by the analytics. The data that are represented by all the machines that we’ve been built and deployed in many places and these analytics enable the operator to be guided on how to intervene and when and when to detect some preliminary defaults for example on a machine and to work with their own customers to optimize the downtime.

The perfumes and cosmetics company using Artificial Intelligence in Brazil:

Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence and real used case of  perfumes and cosmetic help to understand the technology in business. The perfumes and cosmetics in brazil is called casa Granado casa. Granado asked us to help them to optimize their full digital set up from the shop floor up to the full design and analytics, which is provided by the software of our software industrial software company called Aviva, and their objective there was to optimize the ability to move the production chain from one type of product to another. They wanted to increase the versatility of their production chain. we have enabled them to increase 10 to 15 percent of their production with the same initial.


A digital economy powered by data-driven using Artificial intelligence in every field of life and daily routine. To enhance productivity and compete with the world, it is necessary to adopt and follow the trending technology. In any business or any field of life, the style and pattern of trends are abruptly changing, especially in the IT field, Artificial intelligence technology is playing a vital role in every sector of life. The client and customer are more attracted toward reliable, cose effective and ease system.  The Digital Economy with Artificial Intelligence and  the used case of different companies is mentioned. The Schneider Electric company uses Artificial Intelligence to edge controlling systems the real-time automation and electrification. Similarly, real-time manufacturing companies used AI to enable applications called eco structure augmented operator advisors.

All in this scenario the data is very important things, automation and AI used these data to digitalize your business, industries, and many more. Those who did not adopt changing trends in any aspect of business or life, they will lose within no time and their survival will be very difficult.

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