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Opportunity to get Chevening Scholarship 2021 | without IELTS

Is it possible to earn a Scholarship at Chevening? How to get a bachelor’s degree without IELTS? You may be aware that as of 3 September 2020 the Chevening Scholarship will be open. The Good News is that the criterion for Chevening English language was dropped for applicants for 2020/2021. To be considered for the Prestigious Chevening Scholarships in 2021, you will not need to have proof of English language skills. iSo, we’ll guide you through the whole process, rules, hacks for Chevening scholarships, and what helps you win a Chevening scholarship.

Chevening is a highly competitive scholarship, Completely funded by the UK Government. Enabling prospective students to study at any University in the UK. The Scholarship is to pursue a Master’s Degree program for postgraduates. Chevening Stipends are available to any country. There are no restrictions on the country. For all countries, the last date to apply will be the same. This time the application window is shorter due to COVID-19.

Chevening Scholarship is funded in full by the UK Government. The grant will cover the lodging, tuition fees, insurance, airfare tickets, books, internship, Vis Costs, etc. You don’t need to spend a single cent, so don’t worry. But for that, you need to give the most of your time to be chosen for the 2021 Chevening Scholarship. The Era of Highly Prestigious scholarships is now coming, and Bill Gates came first in this. Bill Gates announced 300 Bill Gates Scholarships Program 2021 | United States | Fully Funded

Detailed Guidelines of a Chevening Scholarship

Application Tips

If you are preparing to do your Masters in the UK, and you have learned about the Chevening Scholarship already. Despite its competitive selection process, the UK Government’s foreign award scheme is extremely prestigious. We had more than 68,000 applicants from 168 countries in 2018-2019 but only 1,800 of us did!

You are free to select from more than 12,000 Master’s courses at over 150 different institutions of higher education. Nearly all universities in the UK are interested, and you can study at any University in the UK.

Your Chevening Application must list at least Three Courses. All Courses are the One Year Master Program.

Pro Tip: Please apply to secure admission in more than 3 universities, at least 5 to 6, even if you have not secured admission to any of the universities listed in your application form and are admitted to 4th University (not specified in the application form) you can still secure your scholarship.

When you’ve been called for an interview then in the interview, you can let them know about the 4th University where you’ve got an opportunity for admission.

NOTE: University Application: You do not need to apply for Chevening at this stage after getting a letter from the university.

In your application, give universities priority which you believe is the brightest chance of getting admission. But you can change the preference later at the interview stage.

Application, interview, conditional offer, final award, and pre-departure briefing stages are part of the selection process which takes about a year. I’m not going to lie, the process will require outstanding mental and emotional energy, but don’t let that discourage you from this life-changing opportunity.

Personally I ‘m glad that I’ve been through the process, and now I’m enjoying my Masters here in the UK. If you are considering applying, here are some tips from my experience!

Do I still need to take an English language test?

The criterion for Chevening English language was removed for applicants for the period 2020/2021. You don’t need to have proof of English language skills to apply for your Chevening Prize.

Work Experience is Necessary for the Chevening Scholarship?

Chevening won the hearts over here. You don’t need a realistic job experience for Chevening. Chevening Scholarships allow applicants to have work experience of at least two years.

The types of job experience to which Chevening is entitled can include:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid or unpaid internships

For one period of employment, you do not need to fulfill the criteria for job experience. To fulfill the requirement, applicants can submit up to ten different periods of employment. When you have held more than 10 jobs, please join the times that make up the maximum number of working hours.

Chevening Scholarships – 2 years of service = 2,800 hours

Study, study, research .!
You can either apply at various universities for three similar courses, or you can opt to take three different courses at one university. Every approved UK university and course is perfect, as long as it’s a one-year postgraduate course leading to a Masters’s degree. Later, you can’t change your decisions, so this is your one chance to pick something that matches your goals for development. Further, you please read more about Chevening Courses.

Essay with Conviction and Consideration

The articles that you’re asked to submit will be an important part of your application. Think of what you want to hear, and believe in yourself! I had initially intended to apply for public policy and governance rather than journalism, but I quickly found that I couldn’t persuade myself that this was the right topic for me.

If you can not persuade yourself of the justifications you give in your articles, how can you persuade the selection panel? We ‘d suggest trying how,  to compose an essay? What stuff to remember.

 Leadership Skills

Explore other possible perspectives for outstanding essays on a subject, rather than stateing the obvious. The better way should have been to write in the leadership section of my papers about my leadership skills, and how I learned from them. Instead I emphasized how good leadership can empower and contribute to human capital development.

Take your thoughts where the need lies but keep brief examples and let the word limit direct you to being concise. For post-study plans, it can help to refer to your home country ‘s efforts from the UK, consistent with your field of study.

No Cheating and duplication!

The Chevening folks want to know who you are, not just your skills and career plans, as a person. Never get someone else to write your posts because your interview session would be about the remarks you have made about them.

Beware of repeated answers as well. It’s fast falling into this pit, as the essay ‘s questions interrelate.

Instead, work your essays to complement one another and provide a smooth flow.

 Referees selection Carefully

References are a crucial part of the evaluation process at Chevening. When submitting your application you will include the names of the referees.

Most candidates prefer one academic and one professional referee, but instead, it is safer to give qualified ones. I confronted supervisors who I felt knew me better than professors who didn’t know some kid they taught a couple of years ago.

Contact your referees while submitting your application because if you make it to the interview stage, the referral letters should be submitted earlier than your interview date. Read greater about Chevening References.

how to qualify Chevening Scholarship Interview?

At the interview, you’ll have approximately 1 hour to persuade a panel that you are worthy of this incredible opportunity. Here are a few general matters which you have to preserve in mind.

If you’re shortlisted to interview for a Chevening Scholarship, you’ll be invited to attend an interview withinside the city/city in which the British embassy or high commission has a representation.

The global interview period for 2021/2022 Chevening Scholarships will run from 1 March to 30 April 2021, so do ensure you’ll be available for an interview during that period.

Book a Morning Slot

Upon being chosen for the scholarship at Chevening Interview, you will book a time slot to interview.

Try your best to book a slot in the morning. Studies have shown that, when stressed, students, judges, and interviewees appear to be harsher.

Imagine you ‘d get pretty sick of it by the end if you had to interview 5 to 6 people every day for 15 days.

So, you should catch the panel when they’re in their best mood, first thing in the morning.

Be Consistent with your Essays

Examples of Chevening Interview Questions

  • Why do I want to study in the UK?
  • Why am I interested in Chevening?
  • Why I chose my course of study?
  • Why do I consider myself a leader?
  • My Short term and long term professional goals (especially linking it to what the UK is doing in my country).
  • How will my country benefit from my experience and expertise in the future?

Recently we have Published a List of Fully Funded Scholarships, Internships, Exchange Programs.

Is it Respectable Chevening?
Beginning in 1983, Chevening has grown into a prestigious international awards scheme. Around the world, there are over 50,000 Chevening Alumni who form a prominent and highly respected global network.

I believe you can comfortably stand up for your application if you obey the aforementioned tips. You should check for more about How to Win a Chevening Scholarship, more resources are available.

Below are few more tips you might find on applying for scholarships. GRE / GMAT was already waived by most Universities due to COVID-19. Any of the Universities support the IELTS test online.

Deadline for applying for a Chevening Bursary
The period of the Chevening Scholarship will open on 3rd September 2020 and close on 3rd November 2020. When the application window opens we will make an announcement.


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