Non competitive top 10 freelancing Market Place

Freelancing is one of the powerful income source in the  whole world. Before starting freelancing every one should to know few basic things, like market places , demand skills , how to get orders and how to impressed our clients. As  a tech entrepreneur, I will tell you 10 non competitive freelancing market places, from where you can easily win the job. Freelancing is done by almost every one. And it is not necessary that people do it for technical skill , coding, graphic designing etc, but people also used freelancing for simple skills like data entry, voiceover, social media post, research work and translation etc. It is very difficult to win your first job on any  freelancing platform because freelancer are hire on the basis of their profile,  previous work and skills set. So in this article I will explain you to get your first job  from non competitive  freelancing market place.


1. Toptal:

Topal is one of the good freelancing market place. Here you can got job easily but the main problem is that they hire only 3%  of top talented freelancers. They select on 3 freelancer out of 100. If once you become the part of this platform. Your will be  lucky one and winning job probability is maximum.


2. Coroflot:

Coroflot is new York base small company and it help to connect world community with each other. Here most of the companies post opportunities and designers apply the job .It is a good opportunity for beginners, here competition is very low .So new freelancer can easily avail any kind job.   Most of the job which is posted here are like graphic designer, multimedia designer, product designed engineer etc. Website:

3. 99Designer:

It is also a  low competition freelancing market place  for designer. Here most of the world community post job related to graphic designed, website designed and many more. It working style is also similar to other popular freelancing platform .The  professional designer choose the brand style, timeline and budget to perform any specific task or designed.


4. People per hour:

 It is also a large UK base freelancing platform, It allow most of the people self-employment   segment of labour market. In people per hour we get 20 proposal monthly in free of cost. Here freelancer post hourlies and win the job though these hourlies. It help the companies to select top freelancer from this platform .On this platform the number of freelancer is less as compare to fiver and up work. It help the beginners to grow in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Website  :

5.Guru :

Guru is  one of the  most paid freelancing market place , where millions of world different community people work  together. In previous year there are nearly 800,000 employees are working on this platform and guru paid to freelancer 2500 million dollar.  This market place is not target specific job but it provide different variety of work for the freelancers. To join guru freelancing platform , you have need  to sign up and completed  your profile according to given instruction .

Website :

6. Designedcrowd:

 It is similar to 99designe freelancing market place. It having lowest competition rate . New freelancer are good place to start their freelancing carrier. It is low paid market but freelancer can get job easily as compare to others. This platform gives designing service like logo, flyer, business, website graphic designed etc.  It is new platform and nearly 5-7 team member to manage this platform


7. Simplyhired:

  Simplyhired is a freelancing market place launch in 2003, where thousands of jobs, advertisement and projects are post on daily basis by different company. The field expert send proposal to perform specific job to the client. This market place has also low competition,  very few expert people are working here. It is also a good opportunity for new freelancer and beginner.   Which was launch in 2003.


8. 1buy3 :

Ibuy3 is a freelancing market place where budget start from 1$,2$,3$  etc. So high expert people do not interested in low paid market place. This freelancing market  is best for starter and newbies. In this type of market the competition level is too low and  any one can win the job easily without difficulties.


9. Truelancer :

Truelancer is also popular freelancing platform but still low competition level as compare to fiver and up work. Working procedure is same as other freelancing platform. I provide quality of services and paying budget is low as compare to fiver and up work. So competition level increase as we move from low paid budget platform to high paid budget platform. For new learner, they should to joined low paying budget platform at first and switch from lower to higher paid budget platform according to their skills and expertise.


10. Flexjobs :

Flexjobs is a freelancing market place , where  the world community work remotely and it is low budget paying  market .For  newbies and starter, this platform is more  suitable . Due to low competition, most of the freelancer win the job here as they want . It is also a new platform and working method is similar to the other freelancing platform.


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