Mito Sheet Complete Guidance

Mito Sheet :

Python is an amazing programming language for data science , machine learning and deeplearning engineer , AI researcher and also it cover all other domain.  Mito sheet is a useful tool for those who are working with  excel or csv file data , especially datascientiest or help in spread sheet functionality in python.

There are many things which can be done without using python , but Mito sheet help to do programming in quick and efficient way There is an amazing library which will help you to work with spreadsheet without wasting your time, you did not  need to switching  between two things. You just have pass your dataset in one or two line code and play with it as you want.  You can add or remove  some things in your data, you can  add formula to calculate something  etc. When ever you perform any task in a sheet ,it will generate pandas python code against respective task, so really it is  interesting. I will recommend to used juypter notebook  for this tool.

  play with spreadsheet and Mito generate automatically pandas code against each task

There are few steps which help to used Mito sheet in easy way:

step1:  How to install Mito:

First of all create a virtual environment by using command line interface and  activate  this environment  using below command

python3 -m venv mitoenv

source mitoenv/bin/activate

Once this done, open Jupiter notebook  and install the library of Mito sheet

pip install mitosheet

when the Jupiter notebook is  completely loaded and Mito sheet library installation completed then move toward  next step.

step 2 Data loading:

To load data from  your device to Jupiter notebook , run this two line code to open new Mito sheet

import mitosheet

Once you have run his code , you have option to select dataset, in this way it open in Jupiter notebook. To test you can download Titanic dataset   ,and click on the Import button on Mito sheet . Then successfully open your dataset.

When you start to change rows , column, or inserting formula it generate automatically python code , which can easily used with other  code  to analysis problem.

If you want to add or delete any column then it generate code to perform specific task .

It is an interesting thing when we change in visual spread sheet , it automatically generate according to our changes and no need to write whole python code regarding  to spreadsheet , it save a lot of time

Further more you can see video on YouTube:  Mito sheet

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