Kharfaq Baltistan:

Kharfaq Baltistan is a small and beautiful village in Ghanche District, Gilgit Baltistan, the northern area of Pakistan. The population is around 3,000, the relationship between these people is soo strong like a family member. They care for each other in sorrow and happy moment of life. Their behavior and attitude are soo kind, humble, and also well know about human values. Furthermore, the habitant of Kharfaq village is soo simple, polite, and more hospitable with others, one more interesting thing is their crime rate is zero. They help each other in every situation of life.

kharfaq village

kharfaq village

The basic  life:

 We discuss more their basic facilities and necessity of life. For this village God bestowed a lot of natural resources in the form of Kharfaq lack, natural water resources, fertile land, greenfield and many more, their habitant is taking too many advantages from that natural resources. But due to a lack of artificial resources, we can not use them properly. Still, these people are deprived of the necessities of life like good education, electricity, basic health, and employment. These are the basic right as a human being and habitant of that polite community. The people who are in power and having authority should solve these issues and give proper basic rights.


The occupation of most people of this village is  farmer, goat forming, civil servant and working as a soldier in Pakistan army. In the whole summer season, mostly the two types of crops are cultivated and they store that foods for the winter season. In the winter season there is heavy snowfall in that area, so their cultivation process stop and at that time they used the store food during the summer season. The people of this village are very hardworking and mostly used handmade equipment according to their requirements. Out of four-season, the spring and autumn season is awesome. In spring the blossom of a flower, greenery everywhere, the flow of water through long channel, the plantation process and cultivation process starts. All these things are going smoothly and really attractive moment. In the winter season, everything going to close, like the cultivation process, falling of leaves from plants, etc.

Kharfaq Lake :

The most important and famous of Kharfaq Baltistan from the picnic point of view is Kharfaq lake ( Kharfaq Jheel). It is situated above the village, which is nearly 2.5 hours walking track and these go through green steep land. When you are on the Pakistan level of this village is a well-known lake namely Kharfaq lake, when you complete the distance of 2 hours, you will find a beautiful resting place, where you can see an amazing water channel and more attractive scenario call khalaas ( a lot of goats). You will found the whole community goats there in a single place, it is an amazing view. Furthermore, when you move toward the lake for more than 30 minutes, you will reach your destination. The Kharfaq lake is one of the charming lakes in Ghanche. In the summer season, the lake is full of water and in winter it will be frozen due to low temperature. 

kharfaq lake      kharfqa broq    kharfaq lake

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