Importance of coding for researchers

Why is it so important for researchers learn coding?

Researchers need to know how to code. Coding allows for the extraction of data in an automated, reproducible manner. It is also possible to create custom solutions for unique problems that researchers face every day by using coding.

Any problem can be solved by extracting information from image data, sensor data or video data. We need this information to process any artificial intelligence task. This is where python excels. You can become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, AI expert, image expert, machine learning expert, computer vision expert, deep learning expert or cybersecurity expert. Coding skills are essential.

You must be able to code if you wish to become a great researcher in any field. We doesn’t emphasize just learn python but it may be any other programming language like MATLAB, java, etc but python is more suitable for AI .

Coding  is fun, learn python and enjoy lif

The digital image is a great way to understand Python. We will be using Python to manipulate the digital images. You need to learn how to code. Most of you may have seen this video a few years ago. She used a lot of code to reconstruct the black hole image. If you love to code, you can also download the program.

There are libraries available for many things such as imaging OpenCV, psych attention cares and deep learning. You can search on github for anything you want. There you will find the code for your goal. Finally, I would like to say that although researchers are motivated to discover new things, part of our motivation is to be paid well. Python engineers make some of the most lucrative salaries.

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