How to write best proposals to win a freelance job

Every freelancer’s dream is to grab more and more opportunities from any freelancing platform through his core skills and expertise. If you are looking for the best tweaks to apply for the jobs so that the client will quickly respond to your proposals then keep these things in mind while writing a proposal win a freelance job.

  1. Short description

It is bitter truth that in this fast growing era, people having no time to read your whole life story .The best technique to write a proposal, you should have a sample template, with meaningful and concise description.  You can slightly change your description of proposal according to the project. In the first two or three line of proposal the reader understand that you can deliver this job according to requirement or not.

  1. Describe problem

It is one of the most important  component of attractive proposal. Most of the buyer wants to know whether you understand their problems or not. So the best method to convenience the buyer is to explain the problems of client and give them concise and better solution of that problem efficiently.


  1. Solution of problem

Every client has an expectation that  you can solve their problems with efficiently. So it is your duty to fulfil their   expectation according to their requirements. It is a best technique to describe in the proposal that how you can tackle the problem and provide better solution.

  1. Sample work

One of the most important factors is to show case your previous sample work. It plays an important role to get the job. Most of the seller put their previous work in the portfolio and it is a good approach. But while sending proposal, you must have to include the previous sample work, which is much related to the project of that buyer.


  1. Why you

It is a fact that competitors are everywhere so you should portrait your uniqueness and features which makes you a best fit for this job. Therefore you should explain your unique skills and qualities that will inspire the client and he/she will definitely hire you for their job.


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