How to become metaverse developer

How to become Metaverse developer

To become a metaverse developer, it is necessary to know basic of metaverse .In the development of metaverse technology, a lot of metaverse scientist and metaverse engineer required. Metaverse is the big tech future industry and it replace the whole internet. A lot of companies are working to find the right skills to develop and succeed in metaverse technology. Before to go in depth of metaverse, we have to understand these few terms, Virtual reality (VR) , Augmented reality (AR) , Mixed reality(MR) and Extended reality (XR) .

Virtual reality (VR): VR is the fully artificial based 3D environment, fully engagement in a virtual environment.

Augmented reality (AR): The real word environment is filled with virtual object similarly it is enhanced with digital objects.AR merge both real word setting and virtual environment setting.

Mixed reality (MR): When virtual reality environment merged with real word environment and the user interact with both environments is called mixed reality.

The big social media company Facebook CEO Show’s interest to change its name to Meta and furthermore latest tech company Microsoft announced to evolve metaverse technology in Teams software to boost the video conference platform. In a simple way, the Meta technology will be the internet of the next generation. Now it is looking impossible similarly as before 3 decades earlier the AI was looking impossible.

Metaverse developer skill sets

To enable metaverse technology, we need a lot of AR and VR research scientist, developers, metaverse engineers and innovators to work together, In addition they have to find out the ways and skills to make Meta technology possible. Metaverse technology will open the doors of opportunity for an individual, who are involving in various domain like metaverse scientist, metaverse planner and designer, ecosystem developer, safety manager, Hardware builders, metaverse storyteller, word and environment builder, Block chain expert, ad-blocking expert, metaverse cyber security, unpaid intern, game developer and many more. These valuable jobs will rules in the future to build metaverse technology. The seven hierarchical architecture steps provide a broad view to developed metaverse implementations, such as experience metaverse, metaverse discovery, and creator economy in metaverse, metaverse spatial computing, metaverse decentralization, metaverse nft, metaverse human interface and metaverse infrastructure.

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Metaverse Research scientist

To become metaverse developer, your skills and experience should belongs to the metaverse research scientist family Metaverse research scientist is most important building block of Meta technology. It involving a lot of sub fields. Like software engineer, computer engineer, game, developer, data science, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning and big data engineers. AR and VR research scientist are the top liner and need a lot smart and more brainpower.  The metaverse research scientist need to build such kind of architecture which follow the theory of everything’s and furthermore in which the word is digitally visible and actionable.  The metaverse developer need to build such prototypes things, which used technology to enable the computer Visio based algorithm for 3D.  To become a metaverse scientist, we should to expert in deep learning, computer vision, computer graphics and computational imaging.  We need in this technology computational photography, neural rendering, computational imaging, scene reconstruction, mapping and localization, sensor fusion, state estimation, visual-inertial odometery and many more.

Metaverse planner and designers

The metaverse planners should have good knowledge and experience in   management, marketing, business mindset and   great entrepreneurships mindset. As we knows ideas are cheap and execution are expensive.  It is an important steps having ability to make planes and implements all functionalities that’s required in a virtual worlds.   To expand the digital world, we need to select a write things.

In any company the CEO should to learned these abilities and knowledge. He should be a visionary and make strategic planning for the development and growth of their metaverse business and metaverse revenues. He planner should have idea to drive a good strategic portfolio.


Actual meaning of metaverse  for developer:

In realistic terms, growing a metaverse utility in today`s surroundings manner growing a games or “experience” for any variety of various platforms — the whole thing from VR structures just like the Oculus Quest to rising digital worlds like Roblox and Fortnite, to gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, to cell apps or even the net itself. There are simply as many developer tools or skills to select from, along with Unity, Amazon Sumerian, Epic`s Unreal Engine, , Maya, Autodesk, and the blender open source.

So now it’s the green field of Metaverse development. Similar to the mobile application environment, there are not yet one or two major platforms. Zuckerberg argued that it “helps build more open and interoperable systems,” but Facebook definitely wants to be one of these major metaverse platforms at some point. While waiting for the Metaverse ecosystem platform to materialize, I decided to take a look at various three recent initiatives labeled “Metaverse.” Microsoft’s “Metaverse Stack”), Nvidia’s Omniverse, and Facebook’s vice president and AR Andrew Bosworth announced the “Metaverse Product Group” after a few days ago an interview with Zuckerberg. It can help developers explore how these platforms can be used and define what the future holds for 3D applications.

Microsoft build digital twins:

In a keynote speech by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the Build conference in June, he talked about “a new layer of infrastructure stack that emerges when the digital and physical worlds converge: the Enterprise Metaverse.” He pointed out the “metaverse stack” that allows developers to “build a rich digital model of physical or logical things”.

The interesting thing about Microsoft’s Metaverse concept is that it is very similar to the real world. There are no fantasy avatars in Microsoft’s Metaverse-leave them to Roblox or Fortnite (or Second Life!). The so-called “Metaverse app” of the Microsoft Universe is supported by “digital twins”. This is defined in another post on the Azure blog as “covering digital models of everything physically or logically, from simple assets and products to difficult environments.” .. The concept of “digital twin” comes from the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). This broadly illustrates Microsoft’s intentions here. We want to provide a platform for digitally mapping and monitoring all real-world business environments such as warehouses, factories and retail stores. It looks like a 3D version of Microsoft Office. From a developer’s point of view, as always, Microsoft covers almost everything. You can apply complex machine learning technologies to your digital twins or use Microsoft’s Power Platform (low-code toolset) to build simple applications on top of your digital twins.

NVidia Omniverse and HTML in 3D:

At this week’s online event, Siggraph, the annual computer graphics conference, Nvidia announced the expansion of the Omniverse environment. The Omniverse was initiated in 2019 as an “open collaboration environment to simplify real-time graphics studio workflows. Engineers can help build a physical product by collaborating on the digital representation of the product. Therefore, it shares the same “digital twin” idea as Microsoft. The Omniverse concept is totally based on an open origin technology, that is developed by Pixar and is known as Universal Scene Description (USD). In a Siggraph presentation, Richard Kerris, Vice President of Omniverse at the platform of Nvidia, described the USD as “3D HTML.” He also said that many different other companies, like  Apple, support the US dollar. “Like the road from HTML 1.0 to HTML 5, the USD has evolved from its early stages to become a broader definition of the virtual world.” During the presentation, Kellis described the omniverse as an “open metaverse.” – Nvidia Suggests that Omniverse is considered a 3D version of the web browser.

“Users can portal inside and out of Omniverse with workstations or laptops,” he continued, “letting them teleport into the surroundings with VR. Or they could blend with AR and every person can view the scene on Omniverse via way of means of streaming RTX to their device.” (RTX is a high-give-up expert visible computing platform via way of means of Nvidia.) Developers can find out about constructing “Omniverse extensions and the microservices” on the Omniverse Developer Resource Center. The developer package is available, at the side of hints, to get commenced constructing 3-d scenes the use of USD.


Portal and Oculus of Facebook:

Similarly, the Microsoft and Nvidia, Facebook’s Metaverse is now vaporware. Facebook has just announced the Metaverse product line. Andrew Bosworth said that two recent Facebook products, Portal (a device for making video calls) and Oculus, “take me to the room with others, or Teleport to new virtual worlds and experiences. ” He described this as a kind of “existence” needed by the Metaverse, but added that Facebook has not yet built a “connective tissue between these spaces.” It’s too early to determine if Facebook can offer that “connective tissue” (similar to the term “social graph” that Facebook has been around since 2007), but many of us today. Facebook uses Facebook as its primary social network application, so Facebook wants to extend this social graph to the virtual world, at least concerning real-world family and friends.

Open Metaverse OS:

Developers today can test and experiment with both Microsoft and Nvidia Metaverse stacks, or immerse themselves in Metaverse’s more playful visions like Roblox . If you want to make the Metaverse non-profit, there are free open-source platforms. Mozilla is browser-based and uses web technologies such as Three.js and the WASM. The Open Metaverse operating system is another free open platform, currently leveraging crypto trends using NFTs, decentralized governance, etc. Whatever vision of the Metaverse appeals to everyone, we are confident that we are heading towards a 3D version of the Web in the upcoming times. Similar to the 2D Web in the 1990s, this offers a lot of opportunities for programmers and developers. So let’s teleport and see for yourself these new platforms


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