The Facts

This is a real facts and  history of different valley , their custom, tradition, occupation, education, believes system , their living style, famous places, uniqueness and more  specific about  that places .

I start my writing journey  from my village and then it will goes more wider to other villages ,cities ,provinces, countries ,continent and finally whole world. Really it is an amazing things that every society  has their own custom, tradition, believe system , living standard, foods ,working style, even their dressing style are also different . This variation is arises slowly when we move from one side to another side of world. Similarly  it all values change when we moves for 1 hours in a same place , you will not differentiate it, when you move from one village to another, one city to another city ,one country to another country , you can’t imaging the big difference from all angle and in every aspect of life.

This is a real facts  that when we compare north America and south America, east India and south India, east Pakistan and south Pakistan , east china and south china , their is totally different values, custom, believe system and many more.

It is too difficult things where we start writing, for that purpose , i choose the Pakistan, and more specific area Gilgit Baltistan, when we go more deep , i have choose Ghanche khaplu most norther part of Pakistan

Kharfaq baltistan

kharfaq baltistan

Kharfaq Baltistan: Kharfaq Baltistan is a small and beautiful village in Ghanche District, Gilgit Baltistan, the northern area of Pakistan. The population is around 3,000, the relationship between these people is soo strong like a family member. They care for each other in sorrow and happy moment of life. Their behavior and attitude are soo kind, humble, and also well know about…